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How to order products in the UK?


If you choose to be a consumer or a distributor, you have the possibility to order the products with a 25-30% discount.

Become a DXN consumer or distributor

There is no annual renewal and there are no constraints or obbligations.

You can collect the points received for the purchased products.

These points are cumulative and you never lose them.

How to register?

Free registration


  • Free registration has limitations.
  • It is fine if you would like to consume the products but you do not want to be a distributor and get bonus.
  • If you register free, you can still buy the products with a discount.
  • So choose this option if you are not willing to build a business, get bonus and have members in your team.

(our sponsor code to be used is 310014863)

With registration fee

If you would like to

  • build a business
  • get bonus
  • have members in your team
  • have an online webshop

You need to pay the registration fee: £16.30.

It is possible to buy other products or other kinds of kits at the same time with the registration.

What will happen after the registration?


Your sponsor code will be provided so you can start building your business and register members to your team.

We would be happy to help you with our experience, with our knowledge about DXN, online marketing, the products, and wewould be happy to help you grow and build a strong team also in the UK.

Do you have questions?

Contact us here and we will contact you in 24-48 hours to tell about the details.

Try the product yourself!

As a next step, consume a product that sells so easily like the DXN Lingzhi Coffee and start promoting that.

This will help you to get started.

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