What was the DXN TSI trip in 2016?

In a nutshell: 7 days, 6 cities, 3 countries on a cruise ship Costa Diadema.

What is Costa Diadema?

A 7-day itinerary exploring the real Mediterranean. RomeBarcelona – you can’t help falling in love with them.

La Spezia and the Cinque Terre, five villages looking out over the sea in an extraordinarily beautiful setting.

Marseille and Provence, with its wonderful landscapes and culture, and enchanting Palma de Mallorca are hidden jewels just waiting to be discovered. So we discovered them. 🙂

How did the DXN TSI Trip of 2016 looked like?

I am so grateful that I met the conditions and was so lucky that I could participate. I am extremely happy also because one of my team members, an Italian Diamond (Manuel Longo) qualified for the trip, too.

We spent incredible days either on the boat or wandering in the cities, exploring the local specialities and places of interest.

I cannot name any of the cities that I liked the most because all of them are special and beautiful.

Wherever I go I find interesting places and delicious local food.

1st stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – ROME:

We visited the Vatican, the Colosseum and then needed to go to the port of Civitavecchia to get on board.

DXN tsi tip - costa diadema - rome


2nd stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – La Spezia

A few DXN members from my team live close to La Spezia so we organized a meeting. An unofficial meeting 🙂 just to get to know each other.. We work virtually and we have never met before.

It was such a great experience to see them for the first time! I am sure it will help our work even more in the future! 🙂

It was also fun because they showed me around and we even tasted some typical dishes such as pesto genovese.

dxn meeting la Spezia Italy

3rd stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – Savona

We wandered on the streets of Savona enjoying the Italian atmosphere, small streets and arcades, the orange trees, trying the typical street food (“la farinata”). Italy has a special atmosphere, so relaxing. This is one of my favourite countries and I am happy to come back any time.

dxn tsi trip costa diadema savona italy

4th stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – Marseille

Marseille is the 5th biggest port of Europe. Thus you can expect multiculturality.

The Notre Dame De La Guard is one of the most beautiful and special churches I have ever seen due to its nautical symbols everywhere inside the building.

notre dame marseille

We were wandering in the ‘Le Panier’, one of the oldest part of Marseille. The old port has a special atmosphere, too due to the narrow streets and colourful buildings.

dxn tsi trip costa diadema marseille

5th stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – Barcelona

That was the 2nd time I was in Barcelona so with my partner we just wanted to visit again the Sagrada Família, Gaudi’s work, the most amazing church! It is so huge that there is not way to take a full photo of it. 🙂

dxn tsi trip costa diadema barcelona

6th stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – Palma de Mallorca

A beautiful Catalan island. We visited its capital city, Palma. The cuisine and typical dishes are the same as the ones in Barcelona so now we took the opportunity to have a nice Sangría with tapas and a tortilla de patatas with Estella beer. 🙂palma de mallorca dishes costa diadema

After we visited the Le Seu Cathedral partly designed by Gaudi, we really did nothing special, just enjoying the atmosphere, the narrow streets, the palm trees and the street music.

dxn tsi trip palma de mallorca costa diadema


7th stop of the DXN TSI Trip with Costa Diadema – Spent on the ship

We had a full day of enjoying staying on board while heading back to Rome. There was a DXN seminar with some inspiring presentations and at the end of the day the Gala dinner.

dxn tsi trip costa diadema

With Manuel Longo, the Italian Diamond

What is DXN TSI Trip?

TSI is an annual event organized by the DXN Company and is open to all DXN Distributors worldwide.

Its fiscal period commenced on the 1st of August of 2014 and cut off on 31st December in 2015.

This year the fiscal period commenced on 1st January of 2016 and cuts off on 31st December in 2016.

Any Star Agent who reaches 120,000 TSI points qualifies for the Travel Seminar (TSI).


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